Lifespans a “Rising Talent” in HKU Magazine

31 August 2019
HONG KONG - Lifespans was selected by the University of Hong Kong Development & Alumni Affairs Office as one of five top examples of technology talent among young faculty and alumni to presented to the donor and alumni community at its “From Talent to Tech Landmark Event.” HKU President Zhang Xiang opened ceremonies, followed by presentations by Professors Stephanie Ma, Huang Mingxin, Anderson Shum, and Lifespans’ Sloan Kulper.

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Lifespans wins competitive tech startup grant

29 July 2019
The University of Hong Kong selected Lifespans for a third year of grant funding through their highly selective Technology Startup Support Scheme (TSSSU), bringing the total funds won by Lifespans through this programme to HK$1.7m (US$225,000) over three years.

* HKU press release
* List of winners for 2019-20

Lifespans attends JLABS@ Shanghai Grand Opening

27 June 2019
SHANGHAI - Lifespans joined the Grand Opening event of JLABS@Shanghai. More news regarding this special event coming soon!

* Johnson & Johnson press release
* Interview w/ Sharon Chan, Director of JLABS@Shanghai

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Lifespans represents HK at IMAGINE IF! global finals

25 June 2019
CAMBRIDGE, UK - Lifespans joined the global finals for the 2019 IMAGINE IF! Competition for deep tech startups, having won the Hong Kong regional award.

* IMAGINE IF! is a global accelerator organised by Innovation Forum headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

Research poster award at AO Trauma (APAC) 2019

24 May 2019
TAIPEI - Members of the Lifespans team won a poster award for their original research regarding the Soft Thread (Feng Thread) at the AO Trauma Asia Pacific Conference, held once every two years in a rotating APAC location. AO is the largest global group of dedicated orthopedic and trauma surgeons, researchers, and ORP.

Lifespans represents SEA at Hello Tomorrow 2019 Finals

14 March 2019
PARIS - Lifespans pitched at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, representing deep tech startups from the Southeast Asia region after winning the SEA finals in Singapore in November 2018. Hello Tomorrow is an organisation set up to advance science entrepreneurship through its startup challenge, its multiple events around the world and its Global Summit in Paris

HKU Surgical Skills Centre hosts Lifespans workshop

5 March 2019
HONG KONG- A training session was held in preparation for the upcoming first human trial at QMH in collaboration with four HK public hospital surgeons, who described the performance of DTSS Hip Screw as ‘excellent’ regarding cut-through resistance during implantation.

Grand Prize at Hong Kong IMAGINE IF! Competition

16 February 2019
HONG KONG - Lifespans attended the Hong Kong finals of IMAGINE IF! Competition, a global accelerator organised by Innovation Forum headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and won the Grand Prize. As the Hong Kong champion, the team will participate in the Global Final of IMAGINE IF! at the “Health Horizons - Future Healthcare Forum” from 26-27 June 2019 in Cambridge, UK.
* HKU Press Release

13 December 2018
HONG KONG — Lifespans took first runner up and audience choice awards at the finals of the Cocoon Hong Kong startup pitch competition, with an excellent group of other HK and internationally-based startups reaching this final round.

28 November 2018
SINGAPORE — Lifespans was awarded the grand prize at the ASEAN Finals of the Hello Tomorrow startup pitch competition for companies focused on solving difficult technical problems with the potential for positive social impact. Competing against a roster of excellent companies in the fields of biotech, AI, and robotics, Lifespans took the top position along with a cash prize and travel funds for team members to compete in Paris at the Hello Tomorrow Global Finals in March 2019.
* HKU Press Release
* Hong Kong press coverage (cantonese)

15 November 2018
GUANGDONG — Lifespans selected to join the first cohort of startups in a new biotech incubator created by The University of Hong Kong and the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University. As a qualified spinoff from HKU, startups in this programme will receive a combination of financial incentives, manufacturing space, and regulatory assistance while contributing to the creation of new manufacturing and R&D activity in the Zhongshan development zone.

09 October 2018
SINAGPORE — APACMed - the leading association for the medical device industry in the Asia-Pacific region - selected Lifespans as an SME member of the organization to give a 30 minute presentation on our work and plans for the future. Alongside leading medtech startups from across APAC, keynote speakers at the event included the global leadership of Stryker (Kevin Lobo), Johnson&Johnson (Ashley McEvoy), and several other market leaders.


Silver Medal at Hangzhou tech startup competition

06 September 2018
HANGZHOU — Lifespans picked up a Silver Medal in Hangzhou (Gongshu) startup competition, with US$5,000 immediate cash prize and automatic entry into the application process for a US$500,000 grant.

HKU awards Lifespans with a 2nd year of grant support

31 May 2018
HONG KONG — The University of Hong Kong selected Lifespans for a second year of grant funding through their highly selective Technology Startup Support Scheme, bringing the total provided through this programme to HK$1.2m (US$150,000) over two years.


Silver Medal Winner at Inventions Geneva 2018

28 April 2018
GENEVA — Members of the Lifespans founding team were jointly awarded a silver medal at the 46th Salon International des Inventions Geneva for their work on the Lifespans Soft Tip technology, as part of a delegation of universities and research institutions representing the community of inventors and researchers in Hong Kong.