Our founders are MIT engineers, medtech executives, and surgeons from Asia’s #1 hospital – Queen Mary Hospital at the University of Hong Kong.

Our mission is to create world leading orthopaedic implants that improve quality of life for the elderly, the fastest-growing patient segment worldwide.

Management Team

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Sloan Kulper, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Sloan is an American engineer from MIT with deep ties to the Silicon Valley startup community. A serial entrepreneur and inventor with multiple international patents, he has built successful startups in four countries and raised millions of US dollars in grants and seed funding across multiple ventures. He has also served as an engineering consultant to several multinational medical device firms, including Fortune 500 firms Stryker and CR Bard. Sloan received a Bachelor of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an MFA (industrial design) from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a PhD (biomedical engineering) from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong.
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Erica Ueda Boles, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Erica is a biomedical engineer who sets the R&D goals for Lifespans and is in charge of building and management of our engineering teams. She is also a co-founder of LifeCollection, shaping the strategy, vision, and culture of our marketplace venture. She obtained a B.S. from UCLA and M.S. from MIT in Mechanical Engineering. Erica worked at Abbot Vascular in Santa Clara and at the MGH Center for Systems Biology in Boston before obtaining her Ph.D. from KIT (Germany) in Chemistry & Biosciences, with a focus on lab-on-a-chip technologies.
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A/Prof. Christian Fang, FRCS
Chief Medical Officer

Chris is a surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor in the HKU Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology. Chris drives our mission to improve clinical outcomes and access to care through innovative technology, marketplace transparency, and rigorous ethical standards. A member of a large family of surgeons and physicians in Hong Kong, he also focuses on expanding the reach of the company and our networks among clinicians throughout Asia and worldwide. Educated at HKU (MBBS) and his fellowship received from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCSEd), he is the author of numerous papers and patents in the field of orthopaedic surgery. A holder of multiple patents and patents pending, he is a co-inventor of the Fang-Kulper Tip (Soft Tip) technology.
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Richard Holloway, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer

Richard is a medical device sales and marketing executive, previously of Stryker and DKSH – both leaders in the industry. Richard has managed sales teams in the orthopaedics that grew sales volume from US$10M’s to US$100M’s within a several-year timeframe. With decades of experience selling orthopaedic implants worldwide, he works with our CEO to set our global sales and marketing strategy.
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Prof. Frankie Leung, FRCS
Director, Clinical Strategy

Frankie is a senior surgeon and full Clinical Professor in the HKU Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, and an Assistant Dean of the medical faculty. A major contributor to international clinical standards in orthopaedic surgery, Frankie has a long relationship with the AO Foundation and multiple research collaborations with Synthes. He has led the education of numerous surgical trainees and is a globally-recognized thought leader in clinical practice and research, with numerous publications and patents. He was educated at HKU (MBBS) and his fellowship received from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCSEd).
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Prof. William Lu, PhD
Director, R&D Strategy

William is a biomedical engineer and chaired Professor in the HKU Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology. In 1995 he founded the department’s Orthopaedic Research Centre, where he has served as director to the present day. Acknowledged as one of the top 1% of scholars in bioengineering from 2009-2013 by ISI’s essential science indicators, William has a strong track record of attracting seed funding, licensing, and acquisition from investors and major players in the medical device industry for his biomaterial and device inventions. William received his PhD from the University of Waterloo, Canada.
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Adrian Chan, CPA Australia / HKICPA
Chief Financial Officer
Adrian is an investment banker turned chief financial officer and has worked for a number of listed companies as well as private investment companies. This includes years of experience in corporate finance with previous dealings in the execution of financial advisory, initial public offering, merger and acquisitions, privatisation and other equity capital market transactions.
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Xiaoreng Feng, MD, PhD C
Inventor, Soft Thread Technology
Xiaoreng is an orthopaedic surgeon and a PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong, Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology. His thesis research with Lifespans co-founders and HKU professors Frankie Leung, William Lu, and Christian Fang, included a groundbreaking study into the optimization of orthopaedic screw thread design to match the biomechanical properties of bone. Backed up by publications in leading journals in the discipline, including the Journal of Orthopedic Research, these insights led to patent-pending inventions that underpin the Lifespan Soft Thread technology, which he continues to develop in collaboration with other members of the Lifespans engineering team.

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Grace Teng Zhang, PhD
Director, Clinical Affairs
Grace received her PhD in Medicine from the University of New South Wales, where she also served as a project manager in the clinical trial centre. Grace brings a wealth of experience to the Lifespans team, having drafted and run numerous medical device and pharmaceutical trials in collaboration with research groups and both large and small manufacturers across several clinical specialties. Grace presently serves as a post-doctoral R&D Project Manager at the University of Hong Kong Department of Orthopaedics & Traumtology.
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Board of Advisors


Paul Higham, PhD
Advisor to the Company
Paul is the former Director, Science at Stryker Orthopedics USA, where he oversaw the M&A process for numerous acquisition targets in the company - one of the top global manufacturers of devices for trauma implants, and a leader in innovation. An advisor to several early and mid-stage startups in the orthopaedics industry, Paul has been an active and regular participant in our strategic decision-making process, helping us to structure the company for success since its inception. He holds a PhD in materials science from the University of Manchester.
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Danielle Applestone, PhD
Advisor to the Company
Danielle is Executive in Residence at Cyclotron Road, where she mentors startup founders in the UC Berkeley ecosystem. She was the CEO and co-founder of Other Machine Co. (recently acquired), a leading manufacturer of workbench-scale CNC milling devices used by thousands of businesses and consumers worldwide. As CEO, she transitioned Other Machine Co from a subsidiary of the technology incubator OtherLab to a successful standalone company.  A prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneur, she is a regular speaker and panelist at technology and startup events and a sought-after advisor and board member to numerous new ventures. A graduate of MIT with a BsC in chemical engineering, she received a PhD in Materials Science from UT Austin.
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Ted Chang, JD
Advisor to the Company

Ted is an attorney with extensive experience in private equity and venture capital investment in the USA and Asia. His background includes serving as general counsel and member of the board on numerous technology startups from early stage through M&A and IPO.
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Thomas Brewer, MBA
Advisor to the Company

Tom is an experienced executive from the orthopedics industry, serving in top management positions in Stryker and Orthofix. Additionally, he has successfully built numerous orthopedic implant ventures from the ground up, reaching profitability and acquisition. As general manager of implant startup Spine Next Corp, he led the company to acquisition by Abbott Labs in 2004.
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Eric Wilhelm, PhD
Advisor to the Company

Eric is an engineer, investor, and successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of Instructables.com; a board of directors member of clinical trials technology company Datatrak (DTRK); and previously made design and manufacturing software as a vice president at Autodesk. He is currently the CEO of SafeConnect Solar. Eric received his SB, SM, and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT. He has been recognized as a top innovator by Technology Review Magazine and Popular Mechanics, won a WiredRave award for Industrial Design, and awarded the National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventors Award for development of a nanoparticle printing technique. 
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Veiverne Yuen, MS
Advisor to the Company

Veiverne is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of tryb, a leading fintech investment firm based in Singapore. He brings leadership experience from a career in world-class financial institutions (e.g. VP of the Singapore Government Investment Corporation) and technology firms (design engineer at Rolls-Royce aerospace).
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