Lifespans Soft Implant Technology, based on the Fang-Kulper (FK) Tip is an anti-migration and anti-cutout technology for osteoporotic bone based on new research findings into bone fracture mechanics developed at the University of Hong Kong


This technology can be applied at minimal cost to commonly-used trauma and spine implants for patients with osteoporotic bone, improving biomechanical stability while reducing post-surgical complication rates. Preclinical tests showed 95% less migration in femoral neck fixation (p<0.01) using humeral/femoral locking screws, dynamic hip screws, and hip nails. 

Advantages over existing anti-cutout methods include elimination of cement augmentation risks, shortened surgical time, and reduced severity of complications due to operator error. Implants using Lifespans technology can also be “tuned” to suit the mechanical properties of an individual patient’s bone density for superior performance. Applications for 510(k) / Class II implants are underway.